About Us

Similarly to a number of successful tech companies, we have come a long way from our humble beginnings.  Started in 2009 by two enthusiastic entrepreneurs armed only with their computers, a small basement and a healthy dose of passion, the business has gone from strength to strength to become a leading expert in the southern African tourism market; offering specialist services in destination marketing and travel, internet marketing and rich media generation.

Biggestleaf now employs passionate individuals and is based in Tokai, in an office that reflects our belief in a healthy work-life balance.  At the helm is Robert Bernatzeder, an experienced marketer, avid traveller and enthusiastic entrepreneur, who attests that going to work in the morning is something he looks forward to, as his business is also his favorite pastime.

At Biggestleaf we subscribe to a philosophy of organic growth, innovation, integrity and passion.  We believe in empowering individuals, building sustainable relationships and improving lives. It is due to our continued success operating under this philosophy that we are continuously looking for new and exciting opportunities to grow and expand, within our existing field and into new fields, leveraging off the resources and expertise that we have accumulated over the years.

Robert Bernatzeder
Robert BernatzederCEO

Meet the Team

Roanna Bernatzeder
Roanna BernatzederCFO
Julian Kovar
Julian KovarMarketing Manager
Simon Cox
Simon CoxDesigner & Developer
Bruce Young
Bruce YoungVideo Producer
Beki Boneni
Beki BoneniJunior Video Editor
Matthew Del Grande
Matthew Del GrandeSearch Marketing Specialist
Veronika Otty
Veronika OttyProduct Manager
Jamie Engeldoe
Jamie EngeldoeJunior Product Assistant
MarkusOperations Manager
Quina Hoffmann
Quina HoffmannTravel Consultant
Jenny Hoffmann
Jenny HoffmannTravel Consultant
Marion Van Wulfften Palthe
Marion Van Wulfften PaltheTravel Consultant
Tamsyn Carr
Tamsyn CarrTravel Consultant
Daniela du Plessis
Daniela du PlessisTravel Consultant
Laticia Jethro
Laticia JethroTravel Consultant
Stephanie Demmler
Stephanie DemmlerTravel Consultant
Shirleen Jacobs
Shirleen JacobsTravel Consultant
Caitlin Howie
Caitlin HowieTravel Consultant
Shondre Lomas
Shondre LomasTravel Consultant
Oliver Bumstead
Oliver BumsteadGolf Manager
Sifundile Colidiza
Sifundile ColidizaGolf Consultant
Meghan Spilsbury
Meghan SpilsburySocial Media
Jess Fogarty
Jess FogartyContent & Travel Writer
Mariska Joubert
Mariska JoubertJunior Content Writer
Gregg Daly
Gregg DalyFinancial Manager
Belinda Louw
Belinda LouwBookkeeper/ Administrator
Natalie Fredericks
Natalie FredericksDebtors Clerk
Lyn Veary
Lyn VearyAdministration