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Socializing on Facebook or Twitter can be an entertaining and time-consuming activity. But it’s not all fun and games. Did you know that a strong presence on Social Media channels can do wonders for your website and brand?

The Social Media craze has become too strong for online marketers or search engines to ignore. Google and Bing acknowledged at the end of last year that social signals do influence search engine rankings. While the exact way in which Twitter and Facebook influence the rankings remains vague, there are too many reasons in favour of social media to discount it as a bit of lunchtime entertainment.

Nofollows and Why Social Media Links Are Still Important

Not all links are the same and for a long time links from Social Media platforms were not a high priority for SEO. Due to the “nofollow” tag, links from Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia or most comment sections do not count as a vote for the site they are linking to. The “nofollow” tag allows the owner of a website to distance himself from outgoing links and so Google’s algorithm didn’t consider them when generating search results. But things have changed.

The activity on Facebook and Twitter is a goldmine of information. Webpages that are shared, liked and tweeted clearly offer valuable, trusted or at least entertaining content – exactly what search engines want to offer their users.  It is still a bit vague to what extent exactly social shares influence search results, but the secondary benefits of increased Social Media activity can hardly be denied:

  • Expose your website to clients and to experts within the trade
  • Speed up the indexing of blog post and new pages
  • Network with people in your line of business
  • Stay updated with news and events
  • Promote web pages and products free of charge

While there is a wide range of social media platforms, Facebook and especially Twitter are a good starting point for your Social Media campaign.


The micro-blogging platform is a great way to connect with news and people from your field of business. Twitter is a lively and instant exchange of news, links and personal experiences. Read our previous post and find out how to use Twitter.

Tip: Getting tweets to your blog posts helps them to get indexed faster and possibly higher. To do: Connect with your most loyal followers and make sure that they tweet and retweet about that brilliant piece of content you just wrote.


While Twitter’s social buzz lives of professionals from various trades, Facebook is a network that engulfed just about every internet user on the planet. Facebook has a more personal vibe than Twitter, but Facebook fan pages give you the opportunity to represent your business in this all-embracing social network.

Tip: Getting Facebook Shares to your posts helps with ranking of your posts big-time. To do: Update your Facebook Page and make sure that your fans share your posts.


The search engines have definitely realized the potential of Social Media to create better search results. After several failed attempts to break into the social media market, Google+ is the most committed attempt so far to crack Facebook’s dominance of social networking. If Google+ takes off, it is bound to influence the search results. For now have a look at our quick guide to Google+.

Tip: Google+ will play a major role in the ranking soon. To do: Get on that band wagon and connect with people in circles. Start by adding your Facebook contacts and email contact into your Google+ circles.

What do you think are the greatest benefits of using Social Media? Please let us know in the comment section!

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