Google’s SEO Tips

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Perhaps one of the most ever- evolving industries, is the digital- marketing space. Strategies evolve, algorithms change and new trends pop up all the time. This trend holds especially true in the competitive and forever- changing SEO field. SEO or “Search Engine Optimization” is the process of making changes both on and off a website to increase its visibility in search engines and ultimately drive traffic. SEO is a technical process and involves a lot of time and research to get it right. If you get the foundation correct, stay up- to- date with market trends and optimize accordingly and often, the rewards can be fantastic.

What does SEO involve?

An SEO’s (Search Engine Optimizer) job may involve many tasks and includes but is not limited to:

Site audits: a process whereby a website is reviewed within all aspects to find where improvements … Read More »

Tourism and Online Marketing

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Tourism and Online Marketing – The First 10 Questions

We have developed 10 questions that cover key requirements for a successful online marketing strategy. The idea is to empower you as the client, to make the correct decisions when it comes to formulating or deciding on the correct online marketing strategy. These questions and answers will also highlight key areas that you might not have previously thought to be important. 

1.     Are you able to update your own website?

Websites have become such a popular tool for doing research. Even if you are not optimizing your website (SEO), your website is still a place of reference for those that have seen your brand. Having a website that takes a few weeks to update because you are reliant on your developer/s to find the time should be a thing of the past. You need … Read More »

Etosha Lion Attacks Biggestleaf Vehicle

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Part of Biggestleaf’s team is currently touring Namibia in search of content for a tourism website. In search wildlife images Robert Bernatzeder steered the Biggestleaf vehicle into Etosha National Park and got more action than he bargained for. Yesterday Robert sent us a report about a damaged 4×4 and one angry male lion.

The Biggestleaf vehicle known as Bush Baby entered Etosha on Monday. As the weather was closing in the team decided to go for a game drive. Etosha is currently in the rainy season and navigating the waterlogged roads is challenging. The first wildlife encounter was group of elephants in the road. A young bull mock charging was only a herald of more dramatic things to come. The elephant backed down when the motor started. Under a gloomy sky the team continued to explore the roads of northern Etosha. … Read More »

Conversion Marketing- An Introduction

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The ultimate goal, of most internet marketing strategies, is to make conversions (sales). So what is conversion rate? Let’s break it down:

In simple terms it is the percentage of visitors to your site that perform a desired action. This action could mean a number of different things have taken place. Product sales, software downloads, newsletter signups and membership signups are all examples of a conversion. To explain conversion marketing let’s take a look at an example:

-A web browser arrives on your travel website through a search engine query (this would be the case if your website is optimized). The term they have searched for is, “Accommodation in Cape Town”. They then browse around different accommodation pages on your site and find accommodation that suits them best. On the information page they find that the price is too expensive and click … Read More »

Google’s Secure Search Raises Privacy Concerns

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With the amount of data being sent around the internet privacy is an obvious concern. Google has now approached this issue by making its Secure Search the default for logged in users. However, the outcome is a double standard in Google’s security policy and a loss of valuable information for website owners and users of Google Analytics. 

Is there a problem with privacy?

Google wants the internet to be a more secure place. Since Google searches are becoming increasingly personalized, the leading search engine implemented an encryption protocol called SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), which helps to protect information from third parties. The result is Google’s Secure Search and it is now the default if you are logged into any of Google’s services (e.g. Gmail, Google+, etc.). Unfortunately Secure Search also withholds referral information from Google analytics and this has caused an outcry … Read More »